The bracelets of the DOGME96 line are handmade using 925 Silver and carefully selected stones to guarantee the creation of quality jewels.

The stones used are different and among these there are:

PEARL OF TAHITI, ancient writings from China name it in 2300 BC as a symbol of prestige, purity and sweetness. The pearl has always seduced and conquered the hearts of men.

AFRICAN TURQUOISE, is the stone of evolution par excellence, it brings confidence and balance necessary for personal development and makes optimism grow.

AGATE, this fine stone has been admired by mankind for thousands of years. Its beauty and durability have made Agate a stone used for both decorative and practical purposes. In ancient Egypt it was used to make amulets, vases and ornamental pieces while the Romans wore these stones mounted in signet rings.

TIGER'S EYE, discovered in the early 1800s in South Africa, the warriors of the tribes believed in its property of giving strength and courage. Its reflexes are similar to those of an eye and it is believed that it also acts as a protector of this organ, but in India this stone was given by the mother to her son to help him overcome all the risks and problems of life.

LAPIS LAZULI, its name comes from the Latin Lapis (stone) and Lazuli (blue). The Egyptians gave it divine virtues, the stone of heaven considered more precious than gold, used for ceremonial objects such as scarabs, royal headdresses. Even the Romans used it a lot for jewelry and statues.

PYRITE, this is a very positive stone, as an energy shield it helps lower negative energies, stimulates new ideas making it possible to draw on one's abilities and potential. Stone par excellence that leads to self-belief.

HEMATITE, very ancient stone, the first drawings date back to 164,000 BC found in some caves. Virtues such as courage, confidence and great mental strength are attributed. Hematite is also one of the rare stones to have its own metallic luster.

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