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EGANA MEN'S BRACELET 925 silver, agate, pyrite and hematite

EGANA MEN'S BRACELET 925 silver, agate, pyrite and hematite

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Stretch bracelet composed of a mix of 8mm spotted agate and pyrite beads, 4mm faceted hematite and with rings and jaguar head (not Indian as in the photo) in 925 silver

AGATA , this fine stone has been admired by mankind for thousands of years. Its beauty and durability have made Agate a stone used for both decorative and practical purposes. In ancient Egypt it was used to make amulets, vases and ornamental pieces while the Romans wore these stones mounted in signet rings.

PIRITE , this is a very positive stone, as an energy shield it helps to lower negative energies, stimulates new ideas making it possible to draw on one's abilities and potential. Stone par excellence that leads to self-belief.

HEMATITE , very ancient stone, the first drawings date back to 164,000 BC found in some caves. Virtues such as courage, confidence and great mental strength are attributed. Hematite is also one of the rare stones to have its own metallic luster.

Each DOGME96 item is handcrafted with the use of quality 925 silver and stones to obtain jewels of great value.

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